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Article 1 – This regulation has been prepared in order to determine the principles to be applied in the operation of the facility, which is an economic enterprise located within the Anatolian Club Social Facilities, and in the general management of the club, as defined in the relevant article of the ANADOLU CLUB Association statute.

Article 2 – ANADOLU CLUB ASSOCIATION: It is an association that was established to implement the aims and principles written in the Association's Bylaws and acts within the limits drawn by the Laws, with the Decision of the Council of Ministers, "Working for the Public Interest".

Article 3 – ANADOLU CLUB ASSOCIATION FACILITY MANAGEMENT; It is a social and economic organization with its own operating budget, managed by the bodies specified in this regulation and whose duties, powers and responsibilities are limited by this regulation.

Article 4 – In the following articles of the regulation, Anatolian Club Association "Association", Anatolian Club Association Board of Directors "Board of Directors", Anatolian Club Association Social Facility "Facility", Anatolian Club Association Economic Enterprise "Management" and Anatolian Club Association members "Members". will be mentioned.

Article 5 – Within the framework of the Association, Associations Law and regulations; the facility is managed within the framework of the laws and related articles of the related legislation. The basic principles to be observed in the administration and operation of the association and its facilities are as follows:

1-To increase the social and economic solidarity among the members,
2-To meet the social and moral needs of the members,
3-To provide the necessary opportunities for monitoring current social issues,
4-To prepare opportunities that will enable social and educational developments in the direction of public interest,
5-To make the members use all of the indoor and outdoor areas for social, cultural and artistic, sports, rest, meeting, recreation, food and entertainment purposes,
6-To create economic resources to improve the service possibilities of the facility.




Article 6 – The following persons can benefit from the facility:

1-Association members and their families (spouse and children) who have fulfilled their association obligations (subsidies and facility maintenance contributions),
2-Relatives of members who pay the facility maintenance fee and seasonal Guest Entry Fee, although they are not members of the association, (widowed parents, widowed mother-in-law and father-in-law and unmarried sisters, foreign-born relatives, nephews, and grandchildren up to 18 years old)
3-For Büyükada Facilities; Each member who fulfills the obligations of the association pays the entrance fees for the upper and lower gates, accompanied by the guests they bring to the facility.
4- "Guest" users who enter the facility accompanied by a member who pays the facility maintenance contribution, which is deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors,




Article 7 – Facility maintenance contribution is the payment made by the member for the physical and economic survival of the facilities and for making the necessary investments. Members pay an annual fee determined by the board of directors for the members of the association as a contribution. The Board of Directors is authorized to determine the annual amount for the members and their spouses and children.

Article 8 – Having paid the facility maintenance contribution does not remove the annual payment obligation within the framework of the continuation of the membership of the Association. Members pay an annual fee determined by the Board of Directors for the members of the Association, as a contribution.

Article 9 – For whatever reason, the plant maintenance contribution paid is not refunded.

Article 10 – In order for the members and their guests to benefit from all units of the facilities, the member of the Association must fulfill the facility maintenance contribution payment obligation as well as the annual payment obligation (including the spouse and registered children).

Article 11 – The member who deducts his/her spouse and children from the association annual fee and facility maintenance contribution fee obligation has to pay the previous period's dues in order to re-register.





Article 12 – Facility users are required to have their Association member ID or facility guest card with them and show it to the attendant at the entrance. Guests can only enter the Facility with the member. Children under the age of 7 must be accompanied by their parents.

Article 13 – The users of the facility are obliged to behave in a way that does not disturb the environment, to take into account the warnings of the officials and to abide by the rules determined especially in the use of the health and sports unit and the pool. Members take full responsibility for their spouse, children and guests. Those who are members of the Association, who insist on not following the rules despite the warnings, are referred to the Association's Disciplinary Board. For those who are not members of the association, the Facility guest card is temporarily or permanently canceled by the decision of the Board of Directors.

Article 14 – All payments to be made at the facility are made by cash or credit card. In return, a receipt, invoice, etc., which is a financial document, is issued.

Article 15 – The fee tariffs to be applied in the facility units are decided by the Board of Directors according to the conditions of the day.