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Our Charter



General provisions

Name, Center, Purpose, and Field of Study of the Association

Name and Center of the Association

Article 1- Name of the Association: “Anatolian Club Association”.

Headquarters of the Association: Ankara.

Place of Administration: Ankara, Yenişehir-İzmir Caddesi No: 18.

The association may open branches and representative offices in the country and abroad.

Foundation History and Founders of the Association

Article 2- Establishment date: The Anatolian Club Association was established in Ankara on 31 October 1926, upon the order and request of President Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.


Article 3- Founders:
Prime Minister İsmet İNÖNÜ, Minister of Justice Mahmut Esat BOZKURT, Minister of National Defense Recep PEKER, Minister of Maritime İsmet DİVİTÇİOĞLU, Minister of Finance Abdulhalik RENDA, Minister of Foreign Affairs Tevfik Rüştü ARAS, Minister of Public Works Behiç Bey, Minister of Agriculture Sabri TOPRAK, Minister of Trade Rahmi KÖKEN, Minister of Health Refik SAYDAM, Presidential Chief Secretary Tevfik Bey (BIYIKLIOĞLU), Gaziantep Deputy Kılıç Ali Bey, Denizli Deputy Nacip Ali Bey (KÜÇÜKA), Aydın Deputy Dr. Raşit Galip Bey, Rize Deputy Ali Bey (ZIRH), Sivas Deputy Rasim Bey (BAŞARA), Istanbul Deputy Ali Rıza Bey, Trabzon Deputy Hasan Bey (SAKA), Siirt Deputy Mahmut Bey (SOYDAM), Bolu Deputy Falih Rıfkı Bey (ATAY), Istanbul Deputy Hamdullah Suphi Bey (TANRIÖVER), Afyonkarahisar Deputy Ruşen Eşref Bey (ÜNAYDIN), Diyarbakır Deputy İbrahim Tali Bey (ÖNGÖREN), Çatalca Deputy Şakir Bey (KESEBİR), Gaziantep Deputy Ali Cenani Bey, Rize Deputy Fuat Bey (BULCA), Kırklareli Deputy Süreyya Bey (YİGİT), President of the Assembly His Holiness Kazım Pasha (ÖZALP), Chief of General Staff Marshal Fevzi Pasha (ÇAKMAK), Afyonkarahisar Deputy Ali Bey (ÇETİNKAYA), Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Commission Şükrü Kaya Bey, Konya Deputy Refik Bey (KORALTAN), General Staff Secretary and Kocaeli Deputy Saffet Bey (ATABİNEN), Protocol General Manager Saffet Ziya Bey (from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)


Purpose, Working Subject, and Forms of the Association

Purpose of the Association;

Article 4- Purpose of the association;

In addition to ensuring unity and solidarity among its members, cultural exchange and meeting their social needs;

a- Defending and keeping alive the nationalism, principles, and revolutions of the Great Leader ATATÜRK, the founder of our Republic and the patron of the Club,

b- To develop, strengthen and sustain the democratic, secular and social state of law,

c- To defend, protect and protect the unity of the state, its unitary structure, the unity and integrity of the country and the unity of the nation,

d- To operate in beneficial areas such as social, cultural, economic, technological, education and health, which are among the needs of the society, to produce solutions and to work in this direction,

To help social and economic solidarity among e-Members,

f- To carry out activities that will meet the cultural, health, and social needs of the members and to work in this direction,

g- Establishing and providing the necessary activity areas to meet the meeting, resting, and needs of its members,

h- Contributing to the development of cooperation between Turkish and world nations, establishing relations, and cooperating with foreign country representatives in Turkey in order to promote the country in this field,


Working Subjects and Forms to be Continued by the Association

Article 5- In line with the principles and revolutions of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk;

1- To make research for the activation and development of its activities,

2- To organize training activities such as courses, seminars, conferences, and panels,

3- To obtain all kinds of information, documents, documents, and publications necessary for the realization of the purpose, to establish a documentation center, to publish publications such as newspapers, magazines, books in line with its aims and to distribute study and information bulletins to its members,

4-To provide a healthy working environment for the realization of the purpose, to provide all kinds of technical tools and equipment, fixtures and stationery,

5-To carry out fundraising activities and to accept donations from within the country and abroad, provided that the necessary permissions are obtained,

6- Establishing economic, commercial, and industrial enterprises and operating or hiring them with professional personnel to be appointed in order to provide the income they need for the realization of the purposes of the regulation,

7- Opening clubs, establishing social and cultural facilities, and furnishing them so that its members can benefit and spend their spare time,

8-Meeting meetings, concerts, balls, theatre, exhibitions, sports, excursions and entertaining activities, etc. in order to develop and maintain human relations among its members. to organize or to enable its members to benefit from such activities,

9- Buying, selling, renting, leasing movable and immovable property needed for the activities of the Association and establishing real rights on immovables,