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"By the order and directive of the Great Genius ATATÜRK; Three great Institutions that will live throughout history in the first founding years of the Republic of Turkey:
1- Anadolu Agency,
2- Is Bank of Turkey,
3- Anatolian Club
has been implemented.
Established to realize three different purposes, these three Institutions, which have become more and more important day by day, are Anatolia and Turkey, the first names of which have the same meaning.

These Institutions, which have a historical mission and moral value, have become the symbol of Turkey (Anatolia) in the fields of communication, economic and social.

Anadolu Agency In the field of communication, Türkiye İş Bankası is a leading and exemplary institution in the economic field.

Anatolian Club; As a non-governmental organization, it is a leading and exemplary institution in the Social and Political fields, especially in the Development and Needs of Social and Civil Life.

All three Institutions; will be more necessary and important today and in the future, as they were necessary and important at the time of their establishment.

Another clear proof that Anadolu Club was founded and kept alive with the directive of ATATÜRK is that it received official support from governments for years and the building rent was paid from the State Budget.

Whereas; The founders and first members of the Anadolu Club were ATATÜRK's closest colleagues, Ministers, and Members of Parliament.