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Anadolu Club

Do you ever think of vacationing in the islands?
You will be welcomed like princes and princesses in the prince island of Istanbul, which will never be forgotten!
The Anatolian Club has a history of 27.000m2, accompanied by generations, and this is a ceremony with historical texture. It is served on this day with places that have survived for more than a hundred years and are located in the urban conservation area as a first-rate historical monument and whose history has been preserved until today. Founded in Ankara in 1926 with the orders and directives of the great leader Gazi Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK, our association, which was also used as an English floor club with the orders of our ancestors, was established in 1937 as a multi-purpose enterprise incorporating buildings, gardens, is still serving as a facility. The Great Leader ATATÜRK comes personally and installs a separate mission in these places. The room in which it is still remaining is restored and preserved. Having pine forests, various fruit trees, unique sea view, Adamız witnessed a different scene with the establishment of Anadolu Kulübünün.