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Büyükada, one of the eight islands in the north-east of the Marmara Sea, is the largest island of the Adalar district, with an area of ​​420 hectares, and the district center. Its old name is Prinkipo.
Büyükada, which is 20 kilometers away from the Galata Bridge, is an escape place where Istanbulites who come for a day trip, especially in the summer months, can breathe in nature. Transportation is usually by phaetons and bicycles, which attracts the attention of Istanbulites and foreign tourists. Since the houses are generally used as summer houses, the population of the island, which is around 7,000 in winter, reaches 65-70 thousand in summer.
Its natural structure, covered with pine forests, is relatively less deteriorated. Rejuvenation of aged pines; needs to be protected. The pine forests of the Islands are threatened by Pine Processionary beetles, which are characterized by the white cottony caterpillar sacs on the pine trees.
Continuing to be the pearl of Marmara with its preserved architecture, beautiful houses, mansions, mansions, flower gardens, picnic places, beaches, casinos, restaurants, hotels, hostels, and clubs, Büyükada continues to be the pearl of the Marmara and is located in Istanbul, together with the other islands. is where it breathes.
Anadolu Club is the most exclusive and largest establishment of Büyükada. This site is both qualitative and quantitative. Standing out as the ships approached Büyükada, Anadolu Club was built on an area of ​​27.000 m2. In this large area; There are five large buildings, namely the Twin Mansions, the Yellow Building, the Historical Building, and the New Building, behind the New Building there is a tennis court and lodging, an Olympic swimming pool on the shore, two children's swimming pools for different age groups, a basketball court and a discotheque.
The movement that started on the island with the arrival of the summer months gains momentum with the opening of the Anatolian Club, of which approximately 95% of Istanbul members are summer vacationers. Anadolu Club, whose economic and social contribution to Büyükada is undeniable, also provides job opportunities to the young people of the island. The first insurance of most of the islanders, who are in their fifties today, started at Anadolu Club.